White Park Bull (Summer 2017)

Inspiration was built in Spring/Summer 2017 and is now residing at Cotswold Farm Park, Adam Henson's Farm. The White Park bull was a breed rescued in part by Joe Henson, Adams father. For the farm announcement click here

ZaZa the Zebra (Summer 2015)

ZaZa The Zebra. Commissioned by Winchcombe Reclamation company to advertise their more esoteric stock and also to raise awareness of poaching in Africa. Twitter @ZebraZaza

Black Rhino (Spring 2015)

The Rhino was an installation on the hill behind port isaac and was created in order to raise awareness of poaching in Africa . Visiting Sloane Square in London in March 2016 to advertise a fund raising dinner for the wilderness trust. Twitter @wrynorhino

Pink Elephant (Summer 2014)

Pelly the Pink Elephant was made for fun for the Port Isaac Carnival in 2014 but will soon be recreated to raise awareness of ivory poaching. Unfortunately the original Pelly blew over in a Cornish storm and had to be put down!

Friesian Cow (Summer 2009)

Friesian cow. Adjacent to Port Isaac overlooking the village and harbour is rosscarrock hill upon which the local cattle like to parade themselves on the horizon in the evenings, show offs! Well I thought this creation might put them in their place!

Compass (2000)

The first photo was in the Golden Lion pub in Port Isaac commissioned in 2000 by the landlord at the time Mike but unfortunately painted over by a subsequent landlord. The second one was created on the ceiling also in the Golden Lion pub and is still there today

Bones Bar

This was created on the wall in the Bones bar at the Golden Lion and ironically also commissioned by the above!